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National Driver Training offers a thorough online driving license check service. You may manage the driver’s licenses of any employee that drives for your company using this affordably priced online management application from any location with an internet connection.

Our Driving Licence Check service guarantees adherence to the law and shows the authorities that you have the necessary systems and procedures in place to confirm that licenses are legitimate and that staff members are authorized to drive. In order to be sure that only authorized drivers are operating your vehicles, you can undertake real-time verifications with the use of an online driving license check service.

Features and benefits:

Online assistance:

The driving license check service is available anytime and wherever there is an internet connection. Software installation, hardware purchases, and software update maintenance are not required.

Totally compatible with online software:

For managing tachograph and driving license compliance, utilize a single user name and password.

Driving license data is pre-populated in online software from driver card records:

Saves time when creating records for drivers’ licenses.

Roles for License Manager, License Administrator, and License Users:

You can designate specific employees within your own company the duty of overseeing compliance and validating driver’s licenses.

A list of all authorized drivers organized by depot:

It is possible to view the status of every licensed driver as well as the date of the upcoming licensing check, regardless of the driver’s home depot or site.

Risk indicator with visible color-coding:

The risk that has been allocated to each motorist based on the points on their license is visible to them.

Configurable risk thresholds, audit frequency, and alert messages:

Demonstrating that you have considered the risk that each driver poses to your business and have taken steps to address that risk.

License holder who has been suspended:

In order to enforce their own internal standards, operators, acting independently of the DVLA, may impose bans on the drivers who pose the greatest risk for any period of time.

Preserving a duplicate of the license card’s front and back as well as all license data:

Access to each employee’s license information is made quick and easy.

Requirements for status and license copies:

Keep a record of the employee’s approval for your request to the DVLA for information regarding the driver record.

License checks in the past and any revisions to license data:

By providing documentation and an audit trail, you may demonstrate to the authorities that you have policies and practices in place to ensure employees are authorized to drive.

Fast Search Function:

Use the search option to quickly and easily find certain licenses.

Fully backed:

Help and timely assistance with any issues you could run across while utilizing the product.

Fully connected to DVLA:

48-hour period for the DVLA to verify the license’s data.

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National Driver Training offers a wide range of web options for managing each employee’s driver’s license who drives for the business. It will help to make sure that regulations are followed, and it will demonstrate to authorities that you have effective systems and procedures in place to ensure that employees are authorized to drive.

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